Helping energy companies with better business practices in the development of future gas wells.

Gas Well Pad Containment

Kretina Builders provides containment for every stage necessary of the wells production from drilling to completion. We service the entire Marcellus Shale play and our available 24/7 with highly trained crews. Our goal is to help drilling companies achieve environmentally responsible drilling sites. Our products are 100% recyclable and our service is unmatchable.

PIG - Quality Well Pad Liners

  • 100% polypropylene material is heat fused and needle punched for strength and durability.
  • Liners Offer 2X more tear resistance and 4X more puncture resistance than standard 30-mil HDPE liners.
  • Absorbs nuisance leaks, drips and spills on contact, and embedded barrier film helps keep larger spills from reaching the ground.
  • Single-layer construction is easy to handle and won't pull apart under wheels or foot traffic.
  • High-traction surface minimizes slip-and-fall injuries.

Quick Well Pad Liner Installations

PIG innovation allows us to install well pad liners faster and with less labor than our competitors. This allows you to get to your business quicker - drilling.


Kretina Builders has consistently demonstrated a high level of skill during their installations. They clearly care about doing the job right and they stand behind their work. Well done.
- Stephen Kline, Chief Financial Officer, New Pig.